Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scandalous, Bedizened Vice and Verse!

Don't Miss the Chicago Poetry Brothel's last event of the year!

Nov. 5, 2010
Scandalous, Bedizened Vice and Verse!
House of Blues Foundation Room
329 N Dearborn
doors open at 8pm.
$5 if dressed Victorian / $10 if not

Izzy Oneiric as Pearl du Mal
Kenyatta Rogers as Durham Pure
Jamie Kazay as Woodland Doll
Jennifer Steele as Serafine LaCroix
Susan Yount as the Madame Black-eyed Susan
Kathleen Rooney as Vivian Nightwood
Susan Slaviero as August Rose
Sara Tracey as The Factory Girl
Britte Anchor as Calliope Bell

"The Poetry Brothel is a troupe of poets and performers who play various roles that might be found in a late 19th Century Victorian brothel. During this romantic period of history, poetry writing and reading were much more of a common, intimate and personal activity than they are today; now poetry readings are encountered primarily in academic and coffee house settings, and as a result, the personal interplay between poets and their audience is minimal. The Poetry Brothel provides a venue in which visitors, or "patrons," who may consider themselves neophytes to poetry, have the opportunity to experience poetry in an intimate and romantic environment through one-on-one poetry readings with professional poets."