Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Next Objectivists & Ulysses

Thursday, June 14 (8 p.m.)

Mess Hall
6932 N. Glenwood Ave.
Chicago, IL  60626

free and open to the public

You are invited to attend a Next Objectivists meeting during which we will creatively explore James Joyce's Ulysses. We will read and discuss pieces of writing that have used Joyce's works as inspiration -- such as writings by John Cage. We will read and write through the "Eumaeus" episode of Ulysses

This will be the first of a two-part workshop dedicated to Joyce & a question that has been haunting us for a while, which we have conceptualized as "radical banality." When, where & how does an overcommitment to the banal, the humdrum, the petty & quaint, the everyday slog & habitual mechanizations of routine pass over into its opposite--extraordinary puncture? How do we & might we feel about projects such as Joyce's, which novelize in epic fashion quotidian banalities? 

Participants will be invited to workshop poems that use passages from Ulysses as grist. Several strategies will be used during writing activities, such as an Oulipo method. Some pieces of writing generated during this Next Objectivists meeting will be made available to the publicby Bloomsday. 

During the second workshop (on June 21), the Next Objectivists will continue to explore these questions by reading & writing our way through sections of Finnegans Wake (a word file of selections is attached). In both workshops, we will employ automatic writing, acrostics & other surrealist & oulipian techniques as keys to help us unlock these texts.

Join us! As always, the Next Objectivists' workshops are free and open to the public. All meetings are held at the Mess Hall. 

Finally, the Next Objectivists' summer schedule is now available at

This event is part of "Bloomsday 2012 & Ulysses' 90th."