Saturday, September 1, 2012

furniture press 10th anniversary

Saturday, September 8th, 7-9pm
Mess Hall, 6932 N. Glenwood Ave

Join us at the Mess Hall in Roger's Park for a reading celebrating the 10th anniversary of Furniture Press! Based in Baltimore, Furniture Press publishes books, chapbooks, zines & strange texts which play at (& w/) intertextuality & appropriation. Joshua Ware, Magus Magnus, Emily Carr & Toby Altman will read and a 10th anniversary reader will be available for free:

Joshua Ware:

Joshua Ware is the author of Homage to Homage to Homage to Creeley (Furniture Press Books, 2011). He has three chapbooks recentl y published or forthcoming: How We Remake the World (Slope Editions), co-written with Trey Moody; SDVIG (alice blue books), co-written with Natasha Kessler; and Imaginary Portraits (Greying Ghost Press).

Emily Carr:

My ecofeminist lyric praxis explores the psychological impact literacy has on our experience of the ecologies for which we have chosen (not perhaps willingly but merely by virtue of our belonging to them) to take responsibility. I call my work eco-feminist rather than “nature writing” because while I do write about nature, I am more interested in how writing about nature can be a way of studying human nature: the language and forms we use to discuss what can be turned into bodies, stories or selves; what turns are taken in bodies, stories or selves; what ends up in bodies, stories, and selves and what bodies, stories, and selves end up as in the end. For example, in my first two books of poetry, directions for flying and 13 Ways of Happily: books 1 & 2, I explore what I see as un(re)solved feminist questions: does the female subject continue to (as in the early days of feminism) be symbolically fraught? (And did feminism inadvertently cause this? And then fail to provide the answer?)

Magus Magnus:

Located in the Washington D.C. metro area, Magus Magnus has four books recently published from Baltimore-based presses: Verb Sap (Narrow House 2008); Idylls for a Bare Stage (twentythreebooks 2011); and two from Furniture Press - Heraclitean Pride (2010) and, just out this summer 2012, The Re-echoes. Two poems from Verb Sap - "Empirical/Imperial Demonstration" and "Radical Crumb" - appear in the 10th edition of Pearson Longman's English anthology, Literature.

Toby Altman:

Toby lives in Chicago, where he co-curates the Absinthe and Zygote series with Anne Shaw. His poems have recently appeard in Gigantic Sequins, The Berkeley Poetry Review, The Adirondack Review and other journals. He is cofounder of Damask Press, and a member of the Next-Objectivists. His chapbook "Asides" is forthcoming from Furniture.
The Mess Hall is located at 6932 N. Glenwood Avenue, immediately off the Morse Red Line stop.