Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 11: Poetry Installation

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Thursday, April 11 @ 7p
Millennium Park Room, Chicago Cultural Center

Pulling from toy theater and the operatic tradition of regietheater, combined with the effect of streaming media in the present day, Caroline Picard and Devin King's Rehearsal of a Grand Opera for One Person presents a momentary installation, interrupted for 2 hours by improvisatory guitar, a reading from Laura Goldstein and a sound performance from Mark Booth. Laura Goldstein presents a performative translation of the title poem of her forthcoming collection and Mark Booth presents Flags, an audio composition in the form of a spoken list that begins with the line "The flag of your love is shaped like a snail copulating with a creme filled pastry" and continues describing a series of flags.

Mark Booth is an interdisciplinary artist, sound artist, and writer residing in Oak Park, Illinois. He has performed and exhibited in the United States, Scandinavia, Australia, and Germany. Booth is an assistant professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he currently teaches creative writing and sound (as well as painting, drawing, and performance sometimes but not recently). Booth has collaborated sonically with Michael Graeve, Lou Mallozzi, Adrian Moens, Coppice, and Tiny Hairs.

Laura Goldstein's poetry and essays have appeared or are forthcoming from the Denver Quarterly, American Letters and Commentary, Jacket2, How2 and other fine publications. She is the author of five chapbooks and her first full-length collection of poetry, loaded arc, will be released by Trembling Pillow Press in Summer 2013. She currently teaches at Loyola University and co-curates the Red Rover Series with Jennifer Karmin in Chicago.

Devin King is a writer, musician, and teacher working in Chicago, IL. His long poem, "CLOPS," is out from the Green Lantern Press, Chicago, where he is now the poetry editor. A new chapbook, The Resonant Space , is out from The Holon Press, Chicago. Both are available at http://thepapercave.com/. More at http://dancingyoungmenfromhighwindows.com/.

Caroline Picard is a Chicago-based artist, writer and curator who explores the figure in relation to systems of power. While that interest began with various investigations about public and private space it has since transformed into an on-going investigation of inter-species borders, how the human relates to its environment and what possibilities might emerge from upturning an anthropocentric world view. She is the Managing Editor for the Bad at Sports blog and Founding Director of the Green Lantern Press.