Thursday, April 16, 2015

On the last Sunday In April, The Poetry Bomb aims to fill as many public locations as humanly possible with performances of poetry all at the exact same time
Bomb Sites Currently Include
Outside the Heartland Cafe ,Roger's Park
and Lincoln Square by the fountain where the tables and chairs are
That Poetry Bomb sounds cool! How do I get involved:
You can be a member of the Bomb Squad in one of the following ways:
1. Spreading the word
2. Attending an event and enjoying
3. Attending an event as a reader
4. Creating an event

So now that I know how I want to be involved, what do I do?

I. Spreading the word
  1. Check the website for information.
  2. Share it with friends
  3. (The extra step): talk about it with others when you socialize or while you're at work.
    (just ask
II. Attending an event
1. Check the website for event locations
2. Go there and enjoy.

III. Attending an event as a reader
  1. Contact us  here on Facebook or here if your not all social media all the time
  2. Inform us either what specific event you'd like to attend, or where you're willing to go, so we         can find a show for you.
  3. Receive the show information and go.

IV. Creating an event
   1. Schedule your event and performers.
   2. Contact us at here on Facebook  or via e-mail and let us know where your show will be, who          will be performing, and whether or not you'd be willing to let us send other performers your            way and information on any regular shows you'd like us to list in Poetry Bomb        advertisements.
   3. Check the listing to make sure we got the information correct and wait for further information on fliers and other available ads.

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