Friday, July 26, 2013

Bill Yarrow and Pam Miller are W4tB with Open Mic-Monday Aug. 5

W4tB brings you the greatest show on earth
Bill Yarrow and Pam Miller will be our featured performers and everything is going to be cool
our suggested theme is "nothing too serious" or "Poems not about Death"
Sometimes, even poets need to smile.
join us at
Jaks Tap
901 W. Jackson Blvd,
sign up -7:30
showtime 8-10pm

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 20 Book Launch: The Narrow Circle

A celebration for the release of
Nathan Hok's poetry collection The Narrow Circle
7pm at the Book Cellar
4736 N. Lincoln Avenue
Readings by:
*Nate Hoks
*Catherine Theis
*Jennifer Karmin in a live collaboration with Toby Altman & Joel Craig
Facebook event page here
The Narrow Circle, 
selected as a winner of the National Poetry Series by Dean Young:  
John Ashbery called Reveilles, Nathan Hoks’s debut book, a “dazzling” collection and Hoks a poet whose “fine gradations of observation turn the reader into a barometer of strong subtleties like those of the weather, that can be minute even as they affect us powerfully.” The poems in Hoks’s new book, The Narrow Circle, perform a similar magic.  In associative lyrics and fabulist prose, Hoks explores inner and outer experiences. The poems frequently focus on the body as a membrane where everything becomes inside-out—where the “face disperses with angels of teeth and loam,” where “sky comes out of the mouth,” where a giant green worm “burrows a hole in the head,” and where the heart is a vestibule that cannot be closed. Suites of pictures within the text further delineate this inward-outward pull, offering visualizations of interior voices and sketches of exterior shadows.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

ECO release party July 20th 5-7pm

Hey Kids,
it's time for a new issue of Exact Change Only. It's been five years since we imagined a magazine and we have extra special fun for you all.
We are celebrating the release of a new issue, but also a special Anniversary volume.
there will be special deals and live poetry and trumpet playing cherubs, satyrs, centaurs and other mythological beasties that you can imagine you see.
show starts at 5pm
at Powell's in University Village
1218 S. Halsted
5:00pm until 7:00pm

Monday, July 8, 2013


Jan Bottiglieri has a new book, writes great poetry and makes a mean cupcake.
and this show is all about mean cupcakes, killer cakes, murderous muffins. I dare you to write a Dangerous Confection Poem and share it with us on July 15th

We will be at Jaks Tap, 901 W. Jackson , Chicago Il
sign up 7:30
showtime 8-10pm