Saturday, December 13, 2008

mid-December Words

Monday...Dec 15th- Waiting 4 the Bus Kristy Bowen features... Joe Roarty what may well be his Goodbye Performance in Chicago...(DAMN!)  Yeah...Joe is leaving town so go to Jak's on Monday and say adios. Jaks Tap
It's a holiday extravaganza, poems about snow, holidays, and cabin fever are welcome
901 W. Jackson-7:30-10pm  Waiting 4 the Bus is a Poetry Green Zone 

Tuesday...Dec 16th- The wonderful Bob Rashkow'll'll'll kick yerownsef in the butt if you miss him! The Poetry Wheel Rolls The Café 5115 N. Lincoln $2 Admission We pass the Crown Royal bag for feature financial enhancement
The Café is a Poetry Green Zone