Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Red Rover Series / Experiment #27

Red Rover Series

{readings that play with reading}

Experiment #27:

The Art of Confession




Doug Ischar & RM Vaughan

Guest curated by

Nathanaƫl (Nathalie Stephens)


2129 N. Rockwell -- Chicago, IL

(corner of Milwaukee/Rockwell in the Congress Theater building)

suggested donation $4

Chicago artist DOUG ISCHAR received an MFA from Cal Arts in 1987. Since 1990 he has taught in the Photography Department of the University of Illinois at Chicago where he is presently Associate Professor. His multi-media installations have been exhibited internationally, in Sweden, Brazil, the UK and throughout the United States and Canada. Since 2007 he has been producing short videos around issues of cross-generational male intimacy and psychological/social loss. Recently, he has been re-exploring and exhibiting his documentary photographic work from the 1980s which focuses on Chicago’s historic Belmont Rocks gay beach and the San Francisco SM leather scene at the height of the AIDS crisis.

RM VAUGHAN is a Toronto-based writer and video artist. He is the author of eight books and a contributor to over 50 anthologies. His latest book, Troubled: A Memoir in Poems and Fragments, caused much controversy in 2008 and continues to stir up trouble. His video works have been shown in galleries and festivals across North America and the world, most recently as part of Pleasure Dome's annual Best of Toronto exhibition. He also writes a weekly celebrity interview column for The Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper. Please visit

Red Rover Series is curated by Lisa Janssen and Jennifer Karmin. Each event is designed as a reading experiment with participation by local, national, and international writers, artists, and performers. The series was founded in 2005 by Amina Cain and Jennifer Karmin.


April 25 - Carrie Olivia Adams & Andy Gricevich

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