Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Paramanu Pentaquark


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. 17 August 2009.

The Gothic Funk Nation is publishing the second issue of its arts journal -- The Paramanu Pentaquark -- to amplify and extend its nimbonuminous idiom. This journal, available by CD-ROM and the internet (at www.gothicfunk.org) is to be launched on Friday, August 28th. The journal features costumes, music, painting, photography, poetry, prose, sculpture, and multimedia work selected based on merit and intensity.

The launch event, which is nothing less than a conflation of the lustral and the umbral, shall be presented at the Waterfront Cafe (formerly known as the Dawghaus) in Berger Park in Edgewater Beach. Admission will cost $10 and will include a CD-ROM copy of the new issue, as well as a meal during the event. During the launch event, published artists will share their work, and games and mysteries shall be enacted to the theme of the HMS Bounty which was sunk by its mutinous crew on Pitcairn Island in 1789. Attendees can RSVP at gothicfunk.org

The Gothic Funk movement was conceived in the November 2004 pre-election distress of Chicago's North and South Sides. Founding members included artists, scientists, and temp workers. Frustrated by the moribundifaction of current artistic theory, they posited solutions, beginning with a series of parties that framed social intimacies as a point of origin for the creative impulse. Subsequent efforts have included public epistles, artistic projects, two monthly reading series, and more parties (because parties are fun).

For more information on the Gothic Funk Nation, please visit www.gothicfunk.org
To learn more about the Waterfront Cafe, please visit www.waterfrontcafechicago.com

To view issue #1 of the Paramanu Pentaquark, please visit www.gothicfunk.org/parapenta/01/

Launch Information:
Friday, August 28th
Pre-Launch Swimming at the Thorndale Beach, 5901 N. Sheridan Rd, 7 PM
Launch Party at the Waterfront Cafe, 6219 N. Sheridan Rd, 8 - 11 PM
Afterparty at Sovereign Liquors, 6202 N. Broadway (over 21)

$10 admission includes a CD-ROM copy of Issue #2, a hot dog (meat or veggie), a drink, and a bag of chips.
An additional $5 includes a CD-ROM copy of Issue #1 while supplies last.
Specials at the Sovereign include $2 PBR and $2.50 Old Style.
Please RSVP at gothicfunk.org