Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Elizabeth's Crazy Little Thing Open Mic

Wednesday, Oct 13
10:00pm - 1:00am
Phyllis' Musical Inn
1800 W Division

It's another Elizabeth's Crazy Little Thing Open Mic!
Our feature, Faux Paul, will go on 11 ish pm.

The theme is "Facebook is making me depressed...or angry or happy or anxious or suicidal or ecstatic or...". Please bring poems, songs, comedy routines, skits, etc. about facebook. One thing we could do, if enough people are into it, is put all the facebook poems in a pile and each poet could pick another poet's poem to read on stage. So you could bring your poem and someone else would read it. And you would read someone else's poem, maybe someone you've never met before.

Also, you are not required to do something related to the theme, or you could do something only loosely or tangentially related to the theme, or you could do something anti-theme.

Really, this is an effing free-for-all.

There is no cover, though donations for the feature would be very much appreciated.

Also, we want the bar to be happy we're there, so it's a good idea to buy beverages and tip the bartender, but you probably understood that already.

We've got a microphone. Rich X is helping me with the set-up and sound. Feel free to contact us with any questions, requests, concerns, special needs.... We'll try to be as accommodating as we can.

Bring your beautiful, crazy, freaky selves. Blow my mind. Rock my world. Love and Anarchy, your host and emcee, Elizabeth Harper