Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 29: Printers' Ball

7th Annual Printers’ Ball:

Friday, July 29th

at The Ludington Building
Columbia College Chicago
1104 S. Wabash Avenue
FREE for all ages

The Printers' Ball celebrates literary culture by offering thousands of magazines, books, and broadsides free of charge; showcasing live music, readings, and performances; demonstrating letterpress, offset, and silk-screen printing and paper-making; and providing other activities, entertainment, food, and drink — all free!

Features include:

* Poetry reading by David Berman.

* “Reading Experiment in Progress”: An interactive performance and mini-reading of Jennifer Karmin’s text-sound epic Aaaaaaaaaaalice.

* A short animated preview of the novel Ghosts by César Aira; animation by Susie Kirkwood and Jill Summers, original score by Daniel Knox.

* Where a Blade Becomes Horizon by Simone Muench. Muench’s poem-film, or cinematic poem, uses juxtaposed footage of numerous horror films superimposed with a patchwork of various poetic texts and music.

* What do you Believe?" An installation of real life monster encounters by illustrator Marika Paz and researcher Patrick Summers.

* Salsa music by An Ebirac Project featuring Willie Gomez, with poet Luis Tubens.

* Busted Books: The Great Soaking. Performance by Davis Schneiderman.

* Next Objectivists: Transcriptions. From behind typewriters, they'll transcribe the thoughts and worst fears of Chicagoans.

* Larger-than-life-size Ouija Board by Chicago Underground Library. Guests are invited to contact the spirits of larger-than-life authors using their larger-than-life Oujia Board.

* The Whitechapel Club by Pocket Guide to Hell. Taking its name from Jack the Ripper's London haunt, the Whitechapel Club was a Chicago press club in the 1890s that gathered together world-weary Chicago journalists for drinking, singing, storytelling, and general carousing.

* The World As Text, a summer reading room and exhibition crafted out of re-purposed furniture.

* Live video collage by Judgeworks.

* Knee-Jerkmagazine’s Inner Literary Monsters.

* Frankenzine by Chicago Zine Fest.

The Printers' Ball is presented by the Poetry Foundation and Poetry magazine with the Center for Book & Paper Arts, the Chicago Underground Library, Columbia College Chicago, and MAKE.