Friday, August 26, 2011

10/04 Chicago Calling the Cafe! Come watch Collaborative performances!

Chicago Calling at the Cafe 10/04

October 4, 8:30PM

Chicago Calling at The Cafe!
5115 N. Lincoln Ave.
$2 & 2 drink minimum (any drink, even bottled water or soda)

The Cafe (5115 N. Lincoln Ave.) hosts a weekly poetry/performance art open mic (hosted by Janet Kuypers). On October 4th
the Cafe sponsors a night with Chicago Calling!
Chicago Calling
The Sixth Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival happens in October 2011, and the Cafe is thrilled to host a night of performances for Chicago Calling. One purpose of Chicago Calling is to create opportunities for Chicago-based artists to collaborate with artists who live outside of Chicago. Any medium (theater, music, film, dance, photography, and so on) is acceptable. Each collaboration can occur within one medium, or it can be interdisciplinary.
Chicago Calling

All performers who have in the past done collaborative work with people outside of Chicago are welcome to perform this collaborative work (external video or audio could be brought in for the performance, so we can know the collaborative work) Tuesday evening (October 4th) at the Cafe. If anyone is interested in performing, let Janet Kuypers know (contact her where you can request an entry form for this show at, or if you have difficulty getting an email though, you can always contact her at janet kuypers at gmail dot com, or contact her through her Janet Kuypers page on facebook - and be a part of this collaborative evening!).

Chicago Calling at the Cafe 10/04

Get ready of the Alice/Catherine/Whitney collaboration with the show titled "Loss, Survival, Remembrance", material from Cathleen Schandelmeier-Bartels, film from Stan West (Columbia College in Chicago) with film with Kurt Naiker (South Africa), a performance from Steven Teref, Elizabeth Marino (Chicago) & Sally Evans with "a Mess O Poems", Tom Roby (with accompanying art from artist Linae Frei of Scottsdale Arizona), John Yotko (of Chicago) performing with poetry from C Ra McGuirt (once from Nashville, now in Alberta Canada), and Janet Kuypers poetry (with video of cello musician the HA!man of South Africa), and more at this one-time only event!

Chicago Calling at the Cafe 10/04

the line-up is still expanding, so this should be an EXCELLENT collaboration feature event that no one will want to miss! So check out schedule listings at the Cafe site, and keep in mind that at any time
you can always check out the main page at for the weekly podcast, feature videos or future schedules, where you can also get email connections to ask to be a part of an electric, eclectic show at the Cafe!

We are also posting updates and details about this event on the Chicago Calling at the Cafe facebook page!/event.php?eid=242697109101772 that you can check out any time.

But the event was GREAT SUCCESS, with video accompanying half of the performers. The podcast for the Cafe (the podcast link is on line at, though you can also see an iTunes link for the podcast at main page for the Cafe at, and there is even a youtube link for the ENTIRE SHOW (minus performers who wished to not be video recorded)!