Thursday, March 1, 2012

10/03/12 BONUS SHOW, with the HA!man of South Africa (Francois Le Roux) poetry feature at "the Cafe Gallery" open mike at Gallery Cabaret!

October 3, 7:00 - 9:00PM
The Cafe Gallery open mic
at Gallery Cabaret
2020 N. Oakley Ave.
(a block away from Western & Armitage, by Milwaukee Ave., near a Blue line el stop)

Say Aloha to the Café Gallery poetry open mike at Gallery Cabaret!

See us at 2020 N.Oakley Ave. on every other Wednesday from 7:00 - 9:00 P.M. for poetry and performance art. But right now we have a BONUS WEEK, for the visiting performance artist from South Africa Francois Le Roux... Come October 3rd for the Francois Le Roux (the HA!man of South Africa)
feature following the open mike! Francois is bound to bring his cello, along with his keyboard (if he does not want to use the upright piano at Gallery Cabaret), so sign up & read at the open mike before the great feature!

You can also sign up for a later feature with Janet Kuypers and side-kick Bob Rashkow... For info about the open mike and the 2012 schedule (and getting the chance to sign up for your OWN feature) you can always check out for the regular podcast, feature videos or future schedules.
Email the open mike at (or - only if the email has problems) with any questions, but details about the CALL for 2012 features is also available on line!

HA!an more on the HA!Man performance
A HA! performance proceeds from the unknown - no set programme, no presumption as to what the audience will like or not. An open and minimal atmosphere is created at first, proceeding to challenging and fresh experiences, bringing it all to the home and heart in the end. The HA!Man draws from a pool of original electronic recordings to accompany his cello playing, which is always spontaneous. No piece will ever be played in the same way. He draws these as the feeling between him and the audience develops. Apart from the accompaniments, solo improvisations on the cello and keyboard are also included, even some flute playing, dancing and whatever else a specific event may bring forth. He may also be moved at moments to speak his heart, improvise a song, a poem, or be joined by members of the audience - turning raw expression into magic. This typical magic is not possible without the unknown, the unknown that can also frustrate, as many today are used to a certain minimum amount of information on which to decide their attendance. That the HA!Man has the gift and experience to turn this into what can be a deep recognition, an inspiration and an overall entertaining experience, is attested by regular standing ovations and highly appreciative responses. In a rushed world, the HA! calls out for a moment of turning within, of mental and emotional openness, to move the heart and mind in a way not commonly found.

Also, following the feature and open mike, Francois Le Roux and the Cafe Gallery host Janet Kuypers will do a joint show together! This show is about a year in the making, and is an additional show to his usual solo performance in his annual world tour - so if you were only THINKING about coming to the open mike, you MUST STAY for the double-feature with Francois Le Roux (the HA!man of South Africa)!

Francois Le Roux show with Janet Kuypers

You can also check out the facebook event listing for this show, and say that you’re attending if you have a facebook account!

This event is part of the Seventh Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival ( - so attend this show and see how Chicago natives interact with artists all around the world!

Chicago Calling 2012