Friday, July 6, 2012

Tues., July 10, 6:30 pm, and Sun. July 15, 5:00 pm.
Additional performances to be announced.

Suggested donation: $5
The Holiday Club
4000 N. Sheridan
Chicago IL.
Produced by: Theatrical Readings

A dramatic reading of "Youth", a classic literary short work by Joseph Conrad. The slightly abridged reading of the original work is done in character, with images corresponding to the narrative periodically projected behind the reader. Duration 50 minutes. In "Youth", Conrad applies his signature device of storytelling through the mouth of a fictional eyewitness. But here, interestingly, the tale is an autobiographical chronicle - Conrad's own first voyage as second mate at the age of 20. Marlowe (of Heart of Darkness and other works) tells the light-hearted tale, seeming to conclude that life's only real attainment is to willfully experience full demands on one's abilities; an experience we seek only under youth's illusions.