Friday, October 19, 2012

Oct 20 Artists' Talk: Public or Private?

 Home: Public or Private?
Artists' Talk

Saturday, October 20th
from 12-1:30pm

at 6018NORTH
6018 N. Kenmore
in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood

Caroline Picard moderates artists discussing their work from the exhibitions Home: Public or Private? and The Happiness Project.

Artists include: Jennifer Karmin, Kirstin Leenaars, Lise Haller Baggeston, Harold Mendez, Meredith and Anna, Carron Little, Troy Briggs, Rebecca Beachy, and Collective Cleaners

We all know public art but what does it mean for an artist to make art for the public, in public? What is "in public" and who is a "public"?  Judith Butler recently questioned Hannah Arendt's "the space of public appearance" stating that we need to ask the purpose of public space, how a public forms, who appears where and when, doing what, and what are the conditions that supports this appearance?  This discussion asks what is "the space of public appearance" for an artist and is there a distinction between work made for "the space of public appearance vs. work that is made for the studio and gallery? Who is the public (or plurality) that work is being made for, and how is this public (or plurality) meant to respond?

Home: Public or Private?
an exhibition of installations & performances at 6018NORTH

October 5th-28th
Guided private tours: Saturdays at 2pm & 4pm and Sundays at 2pm

What happens when our private life becomes public and public space becomes private?  Located in a mansion on the north side of Chicago, the exhibition presents multiple artists exploring this question through installations within the rooms of the house. The investigations and activities presented explore the social, cultural, and political ramifications of our shifting conceptions of public and private space. 

Artists include: Teresa Albor, Lise Haller Baggesen, Rebecca Beachy, Sandra Binion, Troy Briggs, Deborah Boardman, Sandra Binion, Cuppola Bobber, Keith Buchholz, Chelsea Culp and Ben Foch, Collective Cleaners, Meg Duguid, Daniela Ehemann, Maria Gaspar, Jane Jerardi, Jennifer Karmin, Nance Klehm, Joseph Kramer with Radius, Carron Little, Trevor Martin and Victoria Fowler, Lou Mallozzi, Jesus Mejia and Ruth, Harold Mendez, Katrina Petrauskas, Jesse Schlesinger & Vintage Theatre Collective.

Home: Public or Private? is sponsored by Chicago Artists Month.
6018NORTH is a non-profit space for experimental culture, installation, performance, and sound.