Thursday, November 1, 2012

Red Rover Series / Experiment #59

Red Rover Series
{readings that play with reading}

Experiment #59:

Fields + Murmurs


7pm / doors lock 7:30pm


Diana Hamilton
Josef Kaplan
Martin Glaz Serup
Christine Wertheim

at Outer Space Studio

1474 N. Milwaukee Ave
suggested donation $4

logistics --

near CTA Damen blue line
third floor walk up
not wheelchair accessible

DIANA HAMILTON's first book, Okay, Okay, is available from Truck Books. Other work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bomb, Esopus, Two Serious Ladies, and Model Homes. She is a poet and a PhD student at Cornell.

JOSEF KAPLAN is the author of Democracy Is Not for the People (Truck Books, 2012). His work has recently appeared in Clock, Rethinking Marxism, Troll Thread, Gauss PDF and calmaplombprombombbalm. He lives in Brooklyn.

MARTIN GLAZ SERUP has published six children’s books, most recently an illustrated story When granddad was a postman (2010), three chapbook essays, and six collections of poetry, the current one being the long poem The Field (2010), which is also being published in the USA (2011), Sweden (2012) and Finland (2013).  He is the former founding editor of the Nordic web-magazine for literary criticism Litlive and the literary journal Apparatur and managing editor of the poetry magazine Hvedekorn.  Serup received the Michael Strunge Prize for poetry (2006), a gold medal from the University of Copenhagen for his dissertation on Poetry and Relational Aesthetics (2008), and a three-year grant from the Danish Arts Council (2012). He blogs at Kornkammer and the collective literary site Promenaden.

+|'me'S-pace, editor of the anthology Feminaissance, and with Matias Viegener co-editor of Séance and The n/Oulipean Analects. With her sister Margaret, she co-directs the Institute For Figuring, organizing events at the intersection of science, art and pedagogy. In 2011 the sisters received the Theo Westenberger Grant for Outstanding Female Artists from the Autry National Center. She teaches at California Institute of the Arts and is an Assistant Professor at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles.

RED ROVER SERIES is curated by Laura Goldstein and Jennifer Karmin. Each event is designed as a reading experiment with participation by local, national, and international writers, artists, and performers. The series was founded in 2005 by Amina Cain and Jennifer Karmin.


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