Monday, December 10, 2012


7-9pm Thursday, December 13th

Chris Cuellar
Kristi McGuire
Anthony Romero
Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

at the Chicago Cultural Center
5th Floor, Millennium Park Room
presented by The Poetry Center of Chicago

Chris Cuellar (artist, LA) likes to work with writing, sound, performance & digital media. He has earned an MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010. An ongoing durational performance called 'Minutes Project' will be currently on display through January at ACRE Projects in Chicago. He has made work for the Austin New Music Co-op in Austin, TX; various galleries in Chicago, including the Hyde Park Arts Center; and Diapason Gallery in Brooklyn. You can visit his website (, find him on the Instagram (@firstperson), follow him on the Twitter (@yoursmt) and/or Key Party with him on the Facebook.

Anthony Romero is a performer and writer based in Chicago. His works have been performed nationally, most notably at Links Hall and The Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. His poetry and criticism have been published by Ugly Duckling Press, Poetry Quarterly, ArtWrit Magazine, and The Huffington Post, among others. He is currently a performer in residence at The Chicago Cultural Center through the generous support of DanceBridge. 

Kristi McGuire is an artist, writer, and editor. She analyzes and theorizes the interstitial spaces between and around neoliberalism, bureaucracy, the historicization of 20th-c avant-garde movements, defunct psychoanalytic metaphors,working-class American antagonism, "cultural criticism," experimental feminist poetics,"the artist's publication," hybrid practitioners, deceased choreographers, Gordon Matta-Clark, "the archive" and "the internet." She holds an MA from the University of Chicago and an MA/MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She teaches at SAIC, is coeditor of Theorizing Visual Studies: Writing across the Discipline (Routledge 2012), and will be a 2013 artist-in-residence at Headlands Center for the Arts. 

Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal is a pop culture rubbernecker and NYC traitor to LA. She was a Lambda Literary Fellow, an &Now Festival panelist, and has an BA from Vassar and an MFA from CalArts. Find her writing in GOOD, [PANK], Wanted, and Work magazines, The Collagist, Sang Blue, Floating Bridge Review, or the Writers Among Artists anthology Faggot Dinosaur. Her first chapbook, Close, is forthcoming with Sibling Rivalry Press. There r pix @