Thursday, January 1, 2015

Waiting 4 the Bus Literary Open Mic with Features & hoopla --Jan 19th 2015

Welcome to W4tB 2015
Things you need to know for the new year:
The show is a monthly event on the 3rd Monday of the month
We are currently residing in the Poetry Bunker (the back room)at
Powells Books
1218 S Halsted
Chicago, IL
Showtime 7-9pm
Time limits:
You have 5 minutes of stage time
Three poems
Whichever comes first
There will be harsh penalties and social embarrassments for exceeding time limits

Come out and join us for a special 3 feature night.
We will be joined by the authors of "The Walmart Republic"
Quraysh Ali Lansana & Christopher Stewart
And their special guest David Bublitz
It is a fabulous way to kick off a new year at the bus stop, you should join us.

The show is free, but we do request a donation.  The donation is to pay our features.  Please be generous (as generous as your personal economy allows)