Sunday, June 28, 2009

Open mike & feature every Tuesday...8:00-10:00

The Cafe

5115 N. Lincoln


Nathan Brown was a touring singer-songwriter for more than a decade. He holds a PhD in English and Journalism from The University of Oklahoma with an emphasis on poetry.
He’s published five books of poetry, including three that have been finalists for the Oklahoma Book Award; the most recent is Two Tables Over, an unflinching book of observations
receiving enthusiastic responses from audiences. Nathan tours and offers readings and workshops throughout the country. Although he is a professor of sorts, he is first and foremost
a performer. His poetry is contemporary, wry, humorous, and edgy.
Great poetry, great drinks, great googlie-mooglie!

$2 Admission

(And we do pass the Crown Royal bag for voluntary feature financial enhancement.)

The Café is a Poetry Green Zone.