Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wordslingers, Sunday, June 21st

Hello all you Wordslingers!!!
Sunday night is going to be a wondrous, word-welcoming, tantalizingly tuneful evening filled with music and poetry. My guests include

Cynthia Gallaher and Sid Yiddish. At 8pm, put your ears to the radio 98.7, or computer and be inspired.

Poet and writer Cynthia Gallaher is listed on Chicago Public Library’s “Top Ten Most Requested Poets” and named by Today’s Chicago Woman magazine as one of “100 Women Making a Difference.” In addition to Earth Elegance, her other books of poetry include Swimmer’s Prayer (Missing Spoke Press, Seattle, 1999) and Night Ribbons (Polar Bear Press, Chicago, 1990).

Some of her individual poems are featured in anthologies such as Stand Up Poetry: An Expanded Anthology and Boomer Girls: Poems by Women from the Baby Boom Generation (both from University of Iowa Press). More than 100 of her poems have been published in small press magazines and anthologies and work is forthcoming in 2010 in Working Words: A Working Class and Labor Literature Reader from Coffee House Press, Minneapolis

Sid Yiddish is a semi-sweet kosher industrial poet-throat-singing-Furby spy. He’s performed in tight spaces throughout the USA, plus published in; Tomorrow, Flipside, Si Senor, Satyr,, & From 1986 to 1991, he published the poetry fanzine, Cops Hate Poetry. In the past, he's worked diligently as an oddball actor, teacher, beat reporter & as the Chicago coordinator for the Bathroom Poetry Project. He's a current member of the Chicago Composers Forum & has been covered by news media including the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, Memphis Flyer & Yahoo! Sports. This summer, Sid will host a monthly open mic series entitled “Trajectory Morphemic,” featuring filmmakers, throat singers, poets, musicians, comedians, artists and other uncatagorical unmentionables at The Wild Tree CafĂ© in Evanston, Illinois beginning on July 15. In his spare time, Sid roots out crazy sounds by throat-singing & playing Shofars to be in harmony with crows & Furbies worldwide. He lives in Evanston, Illinois. To contact Sid Yiddish:

Wordslinger Host,

Shelley Nation-Watson