Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bauhuas 9090

The Bauhaus celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, and “The Bauhaus: 90 Years / 90 Days” is a new project which commemorates the Bauhaus. Every day during this 90-day project (from July 6 till October 3), a project happens which creatively plays around with and pays homage to an aspect of the Bauhaus. Examples of those projects might include a dance performance inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s ballet, a musical performance that uses a Kandinsky painting as a graphic score, a fiber art project inspired by Anni Albers’ work, a poem inspired by Walter Gropius’ architecture, a short story inspired by Marianne Brandt’s work, an essay reflecting on an aspect of the Bauhaus movement, and so on.

These events will be presented at different locations around the world. This website is being used to track and document day-by-day records of this project's happenings. Part of "The Bauhaus: 90 Years / 90 Days" will be part of The Fourth Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival (Oct. 1-11, 2009). “The Bauhaus: 90 Years / 90 Days” is being organized by the Borderbend Arts Collective and the Gropius in Chicago Coalition.

15: Laszlo Moholy-Nagy Birthday Celebration (Monday, July 20)
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy was born on this date in 1895. We celebrate Moholy-Nagy's birthday with an evening of music, a reading, and the screening of a video -- at Brown Rice. 9 p.m. starting time.

screening of Moholy-Nagy's "Lobsters" & discussion of "Littlehampton's Lobsters"

Janina Ciezadlo reads from her memoir, which has connections to the design and social ideas of the Bauhaus.

performance of "Moholy #2" (composition by Guillermo Gregorio)
Guillermo Gregorio -- clarinet & saxophone
Christopher Preissing -- flute
Dan Godston -- trumpet & small instruments
Alex Wing -- upright bass
Joshua Manchester -- percussion

$5 suggested donation

20: "Chicago Bauhaus in July" (Saturday, July 25)
Chicago Bauhaus / Neu Bauhaus
Bau - Chicago - Haus
Baucago Chihaus

Saturday, July 25 (3-6 p.m.)
Acme Art Works
St Paul’s Cultural Center
2215 West North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

You are invited to attend "Chicago Bauhaus in July," which features poetry and micro-fiction readings, an art talk, musical performances, a discussion about the Michael Reese Hospital, a "Metallic Fest" workshop, and a conversation about a new Cairo-Chicago project initiative. The purposes of "Chicago Bauhaus in July" are to creatively explore the Bauhaus spirit, and to raise awareness about the current effort to preserve the buildings on the Michael Reese Hospital campus.

* * *

Al DeGenova, Jamie Kazay, Charlie Newman, and Larry Sawyer read selections of their poetry.

David Boykin performs a set of solo percussion.

Amanda Marbais reads several micro-fiction pieces.

Members of the Gropius in Chicago Coalition give a presentation about the ongoing campaign to preserve the buildings designed by Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius, on the Michael Reese Hospital campus.

performance by Amalgamating --
Paul Hartsaw -- tenor saxophone
Dan Godston -- trumpet
Alex Wing -- drums
Jerome Bryerton -- drums

Bert Stabler gives a talk about how his artwork has been influenced by Bauhaus artists Paul Klee and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy.

Houreya Elsayed and Dan Godston talk about the Cairo-Chicago project, via skype.

"Metallic Festival" workshop
In 1929, the Bauhaus hosted a Metallic Festival, during which participants dressed up in metal outfits. Part of the impetus behind that was the Bauhaus' insistence that industrialization could be playful. Also, Bauhaus artist/choreographer Oskar Schlemmer created "Metal Dance," which explored metal as a material that has remarkable light-reflecting properties. Participants of the "Metallic Festival" workshop will design metal costumes, as well as have the opportunity to make hand-sculpted metal objects (such as hats and miniature buildings). Also, musicians will interact with the sounds of amplified metal, during a several-minute improvised piece.

$5 suggested donation, sliding scale

This event is hosted by the Near Northwest Arts Council at Acme Art Works, and it is co-organized by the Borderbend Arts Collective and the Gropius in Chicago Coalition.