Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday Night at Weeds

Monday, Nov 30
9 pm sign up
10 pm first contestant

1555 n. dayton

"Best Off The Wall Poem" poetry contest #5
possible definitions to "off the wall" ;

1) not main stream
2) totally unusual
3) something you'd rather not do in other venues
4) something you'd say "holy shit i can't believe he/she said that"
5) in other words something that is not safe...
6) bizarre

$50.00 prize money
host: gregorio gomez
barkeep: sergio mayora

* so come on by sit right down and sign up between 9 and 10pm...first poet will be on the mike by 10pm; come hell or high water...last poet by 10:45...(which means there's a limited number of slots) and the judges will retire and unanomisly choose a winning poem...

* open mike will continue soon after the last poet contestant reads...

* when the judges makes their determination of a winner...i will announce it and present the "prize money"...

* looking forward to seeing you at weeds.

the ghost who walks