Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Silver Tongue Reading Series

and students of Columbia College
When: Thursday, February 11th @7:00pm
Where: 731 S Plymouth Court

[SILVER TONGUE] is COLUMBIA COLLEGE'S student curated reading series features student's word based work. We're starting off this year with the theme, "Penny Dreadful" because it sounds cool, and has a cool story behind it. Read on:

For those unfamiliar, Vinegar Valentines and Penny Dreadfuls refer to insulting valentines and greeting cards meant to shock and offend that were popular back in the olden days.

FEATURED WRITER [JASON BREDLE] who is the author of three book and four chapter books of poetry, including The Book of Evil [Dream Horse Press, forthcoming] and Smiles of the Unstoppable [Magic Helicopter Press, forthcoming].