Monday, September 28, 2009

Tonight at Weeds!

9pm sign up/ 10pm first contestant

1555 n. dayton
poetry contest #3
"Best Off The Wall Poem" poetry contest
$50.00 prize money

host: gregorio gomez
barkeep: sergio mayora
friends, colleagues and country folks...

thanks to the many of who have responded about coming next monday september 28th....hey its 50 bucks...can't go wrong with that...and you can take that to the bank...but first put it in you calendar...

i've been asked to put some definition to "of the wall" well i'll do my best:

1) not main stream
2) totally unusual
3) something you'd rather not do in other venues
4) something you'd say "holy shit i can't believe he/she said that"
5) in other words something that is not safe...

* so come on by sit right down and sign up between 9 and 10pm...first poet will be on the mike by 10pm; come hell or high water...last poet by 10:45...(which means there's a limited number of slots) and the judges will retire and unanomisly choose a winning poem...

* open mike will continue soon after the last poet contestant reads...

* when the judges makes their determination of a winner...i will announce it and present the "prize money"...

* looking forward to seeing you at weeds.