Monday, February 28, 2011

03/05/11 Lake Villa Janet Kuypers poetry/video/music feature @ 6 PM

Friday, March 5th 2011 (03/05/11)
Swing State Lake Villa, IL, 6 PM
Janet Kuypers
Visual Nonsense” feature
Letting it All Out

Janet Kuypers opens at 6 PM with the Visual Nonsense performance art evening’s first feature at Swing State ($6 cover to enter Swing State’s hookah lounge; 19041 W. Grand Ave, Lake Villa, IL - find directions and a map on line at madtownlounge). Kuypers is reading her classic longer pieces of poetry, while video of her drawing on a marker board will be projected on a large screen, all while huge video projections accompany her television-projected readings.
Janet Kuypers
Pre-recorded music from The DMJ Art Connection (Nashville TN), the Bastard Trio (Madison WI), the Penthouss Playboys (Chicago, from “Chaotic Radio” show #73), the Joanne Pow!ers Trio (Madison WI), the HA!man of South Africa, and guitar sampling from John Yotko (Illinois) will be playing during her readings as well. You can always get info about this show on line at, but check out Janet Kuypers at this last Visual Nonsense event at Swing State March 5th at 6 PM in Lake Villa!