Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 16: Frank O’Hara celebration

“Having a Coke with you”

a Frank O’Hara celebration
for Court Green 8

Wednesday, February 16th
5:30 pm

at Hokin Hall
Columbia College
623 South Wabash, Rm. 109

Contributors to the Frank O'Hara dossier include:
Denise Duhamel, David Emanuel, Elanie Equi, Kimiko Hahn,
Jennifer Karmin, Becca Klaver, D.A. Powell, Elizabeth Robinson,
Larry Sawyer, Anne Waldman, and more.

There will be a slide show of New York photographs from the 50s complemented with Frank O’Hara reading his work. A selection of contributors will then take the stage to read their poems. As an added touch, the evening will close with a raffle of Coke key chains, candied cigarettes, and bottles of Coke.

This evening is free and open to the public. For more information, call 312.369.8139. If interested in purchasing copies of the journal while at the event, please have cash on hand.

Sponsored by
the Department of English,
Columbia College Chicago