Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Revolving Door Reading Series:: February

Join us for a wine & cheese to celebrate our continued CD/Book Exchange!

February features include:

Susan Yount was raised on a 164-acre farm in Southern Indiana where she learned to drive a tractor, harvest crops, feed chickens and hug her beloved goat, Cinnamon. Soon after receiving her BA from Indiana University in Photo-Journalism, she married a physicist and moved to Ohio. While attending Kent State University, she worked at the largest flour mill in northeast Ohio. She and her husband recently moved and built a home on the south side of Chicago. In the middle of the upheaval she found time to give birth to a bouncy baby boy! She is the Editor and Publisher of Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal and works fulltime at the Associated Press. She is a graduate student in poetry at Columbia College in Chicago. Her poetry chapbook, House on Fire, is forthcoming from Tilt Press and her poems have appeared in several print and online magazines including Elixir, Red Fez, Wicked Alice, Verse Daily and The Chaffin Journal. Susan is a 2003 recipient of The Lynda Hull Memorial Scholarship in Poetry.

Osiris Khepera is an itinerant hermit tripping frequently on the line betwixt genius and insanity on purpose just to see what it does to people. Just Kiddin. I'm a guy. I do stuff. I like words, pictures, and shiny fabrics. Sundays need to come three times a week and I miss Fats Waller. Is that enuff? I get confused... Oh Look!

Daniel Godston teaches and lives in Chicago. His writings have appeared in Chase Park, After Hours, BlazeVOX, Versal, Beard of Bees, Drunken Boat, 580 Split, Kyoto Journal, Eratica, The Smoking Poet, Horse Less Review, Moria, Apparatus Magazine, EOAGH, Requited Journal, Sentinel Poetry, and other print publications and online journals. His poem “Mask to Skin to Blood to Heart to Bone and Back” was nominated by the editors of 580 Split for the Pushcart Prize. He also composes and performs music, and he directs the Borderbend Arts Collective.