Thursday, December 16, 2010

12.21 the Cafe poetry open mic & group reading for podcast

December 21, 8:30PM

The Cafe open mic

5115 N. Lincoln Ave.
$2 & 2 drink minimum (any drink, even bottled water or soda,
plus donation for the feature)

The Cafe (5115 N. Lincoln Ave.) hosts a weekly poetry/performance art open mic (hosted by Janet Kuypers). December 21st has no singular feature, so all attendees bring 1 page poems for others to read. The end of the year feature for the Cafe in 2010 will BE the open mic. Everyone can pick writings from others beforehand and we will repeat the names in order on the sign-up sheet (Janet will be the first on the list, and she's bringing her poems AND poems from regulars at the Cafe she has copies of to read) so many people can read many DIFFERENT writers. It is great to hear a poet's poetry in another person's voice, so...
bring cleanly written or typed poems for OTHERS to read, dress in red or green (if you want), borrow our Santa caps or reindeer headband when you're at mike reading for the podcast (if you're in the holiday spirit), and let's celebrate poetry at the Cafe together on Tuesday, December 21st!

For info about the open mic and the 2011 schedule (or even the menu for the great food at the Cafe, because we have a collection of books to choose from for anyone who orders food at the Cafe during the poetry evening), you can always check out for weekly podcasts, feature videos or future schedules.

Speaking of a podcast, if we read a lot on Tuesday, December 21st, we may do a few half hour sets and have more than one podcast for the weeks the Cafe is not running before the January 11th 2011 poetry open mic and feature at the Cafe.