Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Encyclopedia Show

Wed, Jan 5
7:30 PM
Vittum Theatre
1012 N Noble St,


Chicago Slam Works brings to you the 2009 "Orgie Theatre Award" winning Encyclopedia Show.

Tickets at the door.
$8 Adults
$5 Students
All ages

This Month - BRAINS. With music, poetry, visual art and spoken word on the topic: BRAINS.

Featuring (Contributor - Theme):

James Tadd Adcox (Artifice Magazine) The Technium;

Mary Hamilton(Quickies!) Prosopagnosia;

Tasha Viets-VanLear (LTAB Finalist) Lucid Dreaming;

Mason Johnson (Silvertongue Reading Series) Krang (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles);

Caitlin Parrish (USC MFA Candidate) Toxoplasmosis;

Jim Dobson (International Forensics Superstar) Octopus Tentacle Peripheral Nervous Systems;

an original composition on Alzheimer's Disease by composer Roy Magnuson and performed by the √Član String Quartet;

and an interview with professional neurologist Dr. Rimas V. Lukas.

With hosts

Robbie Q Telfer (Author of Spiking the Sucker Punch) and

Shanny Jean Maney (Author of Our Brave Faces Were Just Smiles)

cast regulars:

Fact Checker Ian Belknap (Write Club);

Patrick Carberry (Fiction Writer);

Tim Stafford (HBO Def Poet);

Joel Chmara (HBO Def Poet);

Edward Thomas-Herrera(Boy Girl Boy Girl);

Evan Chung (Musician) - House Band Leader "The Encartagans";

and Emily Rose (Poetry Vet and House Manager) -as Jilted Emily Rose.

About The Encyclopedia Show
Winner of a 2009 "Orgie Theatre Award", The Encyclopedia Show is brought to you from the minds of poets and producers Robbie Q Telfer and Shanny Jean Maney. The Encyclopedia Show showcases visual art, comedy, music and spoken word on a wide variety of subjects related to a chosen topic. Each month a new topic is picked from the encyclopedia and related assignments are sent to a diverse group of writers, artists, poets and performers. Past contributors have included Bill Ayers, Marc Smith, Paul Sereno, Anis Mojgani, Idris Goodwin, Lisa Buscani, Cameron McGill, Kevin Coval, Cin Salach, Roger Bonair-Agard and Derrick Brown. For audio from previous shows and additional information, please visit

The Encyclopedia Show draws its novice and notable talent from Chicago Area and National Artists in the Slam, Academic and Youth artists' communities. To date, the show has been staged in ten different cities around the globe from Austin to Vancouver to Seoul South Korea.

About Chicago Slam Works:
Chicago Slam Works brings together audiences, poets and arts organizations to promote the quality of oral tradition through well-crafted poetry.