Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tallgrass Writer's Guild

Wed, Dec 28

The Bourgeois Pig
738 West Fullerton

Tim. W. Brown will be the Featured Author at the December 28 TallGrass Writers Guild Open Mic, 7:30pm upstairs at The Bourgeois Pig, 738 West Fullerton, Chicago, when he will read excerpts from his latest novel, Second Acts, and discuss its development.

Brown graduated summa cum laude with an American studies degree from Northern Illinois University. He is the author of three novels, Deconstruction Acres (1997), Left of the Loop (2001) and Walking Man (2008). His latest literary effort is Second Acts, a comic historical novel set in 1830s America, released in October 2010. Brown’s fiction, poetry and nonfiction have appeared in over two hundred publications, including Another Chicago Magazine, The Bloomsbury Review, The Brooklyn Rail, Chelsea, Chiron Review, Colorado Review, The Fiction Review, The Ledge, Main Street Rag, New Observations, Oyez Review, Pleiades, Poetry Project Newsletter, Rain Taxi, Rockford Review, Slipstream, Small Press Review, and Storyhead. A long-time resident of Chicago, where he was a fixture in that city’s literary scene as a writer, performer, and publisher of Tomorrow Magazine (1982-1999), Brown moved to New York in 2003. He currently earns his living as a writer at Bloomberg.

“Really clicking, Second Acts is a picaresque, sci-fi/western, such as Verne or Welles might have penned it. In subverting history Brown’s tale celebrates it, with a scholar’s eye for authentic details and at a pacing so swift the pages give off a nice breeze.”–Peter Selgin

“Half-magical, half-farcical, Second Acts is full of vitality and humor, a modern update of Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Second Acts is a sparkling gem of a book, one that inspires both contemplation and more than a few belly laughs.”–Greg Downs

“Second Acts draws equally upon history and imagining, and the result is a brilliant book that Mark Twain might’ve written had he shared a brain with Jack Finney for awhile.”–Sharon Mesmer

Following Brown is the regularly scheduled Open Mic, where participants are welcome to present up to 10 minutes of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, music, comedy and more. Cover charge for the full evening is $6 reduced to $5 for students. For details, call 219-322-7270 or email or

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